Apart from developing and deploying the One.Suite products for the global enterprises, Maseke also provides technical consulting services in on-site, on-line and off-site formats.

Maseke can provide technical consulting services for migrating legacy HR and Payroll systems to modern systems such as Workday. Maseke consultants can carry out a detailed migration analysis and present a clear failproof strategy to migrate from one system to another to serve as a blueprint for success. With the understanding of payroll processes in over 18 major countries, Maseke has the unique set of skills in migrating systems in multiple countries simultaneously.

Maseke has experience in developing extremely complex web applications involving complex workflows, intricate business rules and intense data processing. For example, Maseke has developed a Survey Application for the healthcare industry where the enterprise members of an industry association can participate in a workforce and paypractice survey anonymously, their data is collected, summarized, formatted and printed for circulation.

Maseke has a deep understanding of conducting industry specific payroll and paypractice surveys for any industry group. Maseke can design the survey, create and invite participants, collect and clean the data, summarize and publish the reports. The data can be presented in varous datacuts such as region, size of the company, number of employees, specific capabilities, or urban/metro/rural demographic areas.

Maseke has a proprietary Automated Testing engine, where QA personnel with no programming background can easily write automated test suites. This is useful for testing the products while they are in development or for regression testing while they are in support mode.

This product uses declarative data to describe each test case using simple non-programmatic test constructs.

Maseke can port legacy applications to a modern platform. In a recent example, Maseke has ported a 20-year old Foxpro based database rule engine application to a modern platform consisting of Oracle, Java and Tomcat.