Dashboard: One.Dash

Maseke has developed Process Monitoring Dashboards for the Global HR, Payroll, and Talent Management applications

Payroll Dashboards

Payroll dashboard integrates into the perpetually running process engines such as daily updates of employee master data, payroll integrations, temporary workforce hiring, adhoc payments, etc. The dashboard presents the process status, ability to view any data items such a files, view anomalies/errors/differences, suggest changes, enable modifications, setup workflows for approvals etc.

File Transfer and Process Dashboards

File Trasfer and Process dashboard presents the data related to multiple file transfer processes that occur in ian enterprise data center. The dashboard presents the status of every file, its last processed date, results, and logs. It can also raise notifications in the event of nonavailability or errors in the file processing.

Data Migration Dashboards

Data Migraton dashboards are useful when migrating legacy systems in an enterprise to other systems. The migration dashboard displays the ETL process information. It displays informatuion such as files extracted, transformations performed, validation errors, loading operations and their success information