Data Mart

Maseke OneView Data mart enables organizations to gain control over their worldwide employees. One View is a comprehensive web platform to view, analyse, report and manage all global payroll processes. Increased efficiency, improved analysis and standard processes save time and cost. Advanced, real-time analytics will give better insights that will contribute to the business results.

As your organization works to meet the challenge of having accurate Global data at your fingertips it becomes critical for management to gain access to this data quickly, and in a way that is timely for critical business decisions. The necessity of Global Payroll data grows as companies recognize the value of auditing their often-largest expense: Payroll.

In the past few years many multinational organizations have been under greater scrutiny by audits to ensure they can report off the expense of Payroll by employee. Many companies have found that more closely managing Payroll allows them to ensure several things:

  • No overpayments are done
  • Valuable information is available to managers as they manage Global staff
  • Assistance with internal and external audits

The ability to have all Global Payroll data in one place has been prohibitive in the past due to the challenges of receiving data from disparate international providers, logically formatting the data to make sense, and successfully housing the data for reporting purposes.