Import data using input channels for Database, FTP, Files and web-services. The tool can import extremely large sized tables or high number of tables quickly. It can also detect only the changes between implementations to import.

Repetitive ETL process steps can be defined as Run Controls and scheduled to run automatically

Any project with its input channels, transformations and destination objects mapping can be created as a template to be reused for future similar projects.

Grab data using screen grabbers such as Spearfish when there is no output interface is available from the client.

Supports multi-record format such as ADP Quitter Tape Format, perhaps the only system in the world that can process this out of box.

A built-in Query Editor and support for common Database Management Language (DML) functions to create and manage tables, columns, indexes and performance tuning.

Has ability to perform predictive mapping between the inputs and destination objects, perform transformations, translations and expressions to produce the data in the desired destination schema.

Create new sequential IDs by concatenating with a prefix or suffix for new-hire employees and other data elements.

One Connect provides a built-in tool to design complex expressions, manage translation/lookup tables, define default values.

Ability to create and maintain multiple destination objects for target systems like ADP systems (TM), Workday(TM), EV5, Ceridian and several international payroll vendors.

Can create outputs for Workday in EIB or iLoad formats; for ADP in Flexi-form and for others in text delimited formats.

Import extremely large files, e.g. CSV, Excel, Text, Zip, XML, and certain standard PDF formats, exceeding 10GB very efficiently.