Maseke has developed workplace portals for employee and manager self-service as well as benefits enrollment, integrating data from the Enterprise HCM and Benefit Providers with the employer specific business rules

Benefits Enrollment Portal

Maseke has extensive experience in developing self-service portals for the Employee Benefits enrollment that occurs every year. This portal applies the business rules to the data in the enterprise HCM along with the plan information provided by the plan providers.

Employee Selfservice

Employee Selfservice portals developed by Maseke seamlessly integrate and extend the multiple HCM systems and Payroll systems and provide a consistent and uniform experience to all employees in the global system.

Typical services provided in the portal are: Paid Time-Off requests, Balances, Paydata viewing, Paycheck printing, W2 downloads, Contact Information, Emergency Contacts, Benefit Summary and Beneficiary Information.

Manager Selfservice

Manager Selfservice portal is the converse of the Employee Selfservice portal. The employee requests are routed through a workflow engine in the portal, so that the managers can view, approve or reject the requests. The workflow engine provides multi-step processes with serial or parallel approvals and proxy facilities.

HR Admin Portal

  • Update variable payment information
  • Update information on employee country specific custom fields
  • Run Interfaces to/from Payroll systems
  • View Process Monitor
  • Run comprehensive global payroll reports (Run 120 reports for a single client).